Dr. Andrew L. Tan Data Science Institute

We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers that provides data curation and data-driven solutions. We help the industry, government agencies and non-government organizations in critical decision making, in providing services and in inspiring the community to improve the quality of life, through research, educational programs and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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Academic Programs

The Institute offers a Minor in Data Science for current undergraduate students of De La Salle University, preparing the students with the knowledge and technical skills for data science in their respective fields. We also offer online diploma courses for professionals who are looking to upskill in their current fields.

Diploma Courses

As artificial intelligence develops, business processes are also increasingly automated. In order to harness data science, a new set of skills is required of employees. But because of the rapid rise of data science, education institutions have lagged behind in providing the necessary skillsets among its students. A quick way to fill this gap is by upskilling current employees, so that they are able to do at least some basic analytics.

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Minor in Data Science

The Minor in Data Science program aims to produce data literate graduates by equipping the students across the different disciplines with a working knowledge of statistics, probability, and computation enabling them to design and execute precise computational and inferential data analysis for their discipline.

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The Institute's research project are inspired by the latest research methodologies and tools in data engineering, machine learning, analysis and prediction. We aim to discover new approaches to aggregating and analyzing data towards solving monumental problems in fields as diverse as business, education, public policy, health care, and engineering. We serve as a core of data science research initiatives across DLSU that call for the cooperation of people from different disciplines, providing innovative, impactful, and long-lasting solutions towards a better quality of life. The priority research areas of the institute are (1) Sustainable Cities, (2) Climate Actions and (3) Computational Data Science.

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