We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers who leverage data and technology to make a positive impact on society. Our data curation and data-driven solutions help industry, government agencies, and non-government organizations in critical decision-making and service provision. Through our cutting-edge research, educational programs, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we aim to inspire positive change and drive progress in areas such as healthcare, urban planning, transportation, public health, and social justice.

Our team is made up of experts from a range of disciplines, including data science, computer science, social sciences, and engineering. We work with our clients and partners to develop customized solutions that address the most pressing challenges in their fields. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our fields, continuously improving our methods and approaches to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for those we serve.

We are home to several specialized laboratories, including the Philippine Internet Observatory, University Data Center and the Center for Urban and Regional Environment, that are dedicated to advancing data science in specific domains. Through these laboratories, we are able to gather and analyze large amounts of data related to internet usage, infrastructure, and trends, as well as apply cutting-edge data science techniques to urban planning, transportation, public health, and other critical domains. Overall, our commitment to excellence in research, education, and infrastructure is what sets us apart as a leading provider of data-driven solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

We are a team of interdisciplinary researchers that provides data curation and data-driven solutions. We help the industry, government agencies and non-government organizations in critical decision making, in providing services and in inspiring the community to improve the quality of life, through research, educational programs and state-of-the-art infrastructure.